Liberal Tax Increase Threatens Jobs

The Liberal government’s first budget introduced a tax increase on aviation fuel that could cost nearly 3,000 jobs across Ontario.

September 16, 2014

Ivy – Jim Wilson, Interim Opposition Party Leader, reaffirmed that the Ontario PCs continue to steadfastly stand up for rural Ontario by today calling for increased use of local food by public institutions.   “It’s nice the Premier will be here at the 2014 International Plowing Match, and I encourage her to visit my riding and rural Ontario more often. But we need to see action,” said Wilson. “Today is a perfe... Read More
September 04, 2014

QUEEN’S PARK --  Premier Kathleen Wynne isn’t telling the whole story when it comes to their real plans regarding the sale of the lucrative LCBO property in downtown Toronto, Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli (MPP Nipissing) said today.   “They’ve done this before – the Liberals announced their intention to sell the same property back in 2012, and all they’ve done today is re-announce that intent... Read More
August 20, 2014

(Perth-Wellington) – There will be no relief from rising insurance premiums for municipalities, the government announced today.  During the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference, today Premier Wynne announced that her government will not be introducing any joint and several liability reform measures. “I am extremely disappointed that the government has refused to take any action to assist municipaliti... Read More
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