Join Us in Ottawa this March

The 2016 General Meeting provides Party members an opportunity to interact with PC Leader Patrick Brown and our Ontario PC Caucus. Delegates will also elect a new Party Executive and Regional Representatives to the PC Ontario Fund Board.

Help Stop the Liberal's Hydro Fire Sale

The decision to sell Hydro One was made without public input and, with the government’s budget amendment, the sale will be done in complete secrecy. Join us in opposing this majority sale by pledging your support today

Liberal Health Cuts Hurting Patients

PCs table opposition day motion to restore funding cut by Wynne Liberals to physician services and return the missing federal Canada Health Transfer funding back into Ontario’s health care system.

Help Stop the Liberal Payroll Tax

The Wynne Liberals are moving forward with their Ontario Retirement Pension Plan even after the Premier promised not to if federal Liberals elected. Sign our petition and tell Kathleen Wynne Ontario families can't afford another Liberal tax grab.

February 08, 2016

“Sadly, as we began this time of celebration for lunar new year, Taiwan experienced a large earthquake that caused significant damage. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Taiwan and the families of those who were lost or are still missing. I want to commend all the rescuers for their extraordinary efforts. We stand with people of Taiwan during this difficult time." 

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February 08, 2016

Lunar New Year is celebrated across Ontario and around the world, particularly by members of the vibrant Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asian communities. Whether known as Chinese New Year, Seollal, or Tet, this holiday brings together families and friends in the spirit of celebration and hope for a prosperous new year. This coming year marks the Year of the Monkey, which is characterized by creativity, dynamism and intelligence. I have... Read More
February 05, 2016

MIDLAND – Patrick Brown, Simcoe North MPP and Leader of the Official Opposition, repeated calls to halt proposed cuts to the Georgian Bay General Hospital at his constituency office this morning. Patrick Brown was joined by a number of doctors from the hospital, including Dr. Donald, the Chief of the hospital’s obstetric unit, and Dr. McNamara, an Emergency Room physician. A number of concerned mothers and patients also joined the ral... Read More
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