Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the cap-and-trade auction
April 03, 2017

“The Ontario PCs have been consistent that the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade scheme is bad for Ontario. It is nothing but a $2 billion a year tax grab that makes Ontario less competitive. 

“The Wynne Liberals want us to believe they are protecting the environment, but it’s a smokescreen. Their plan sends millions of dollars to one of the richest jurisdictions on earth for emission reductions there, which means failing to cut emissions here at home. This does not make sense. 

“The Liberal government is also keeping all revenues instead of returning it to the taxpayers, and this is placing an even greater burden on families and small businesses across the province. 

“We know this cap-and-trade scheme is directly impacting businesses of all sizes – businesses that are making decisions to leave and invest in other jurisdictions. Ultimately, Ontario businesses want to keep jobs here at home.

“On top of that, Ontario businesses have very little confidence in the longevity of this expensive cap-and-trade experiment. Only 812,000 of the 3,100,000 credits on the 2020 futures market were purchased, proving that businesses don’t think this scheme will be sustainable in even a few years.

“The Ontario PCs will dismantle cap-and-trade, and replace it with a model that reduces emissions in Ontario, cuts taxes, and protects the Ontario economy.”

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