President's Message
Rick Dykstra was elected President of the Ontario PC Party at the General Meeting in Ottawa in March 2016.

Members, friends and fellow Ontarians,

The years ahead for our province represent a challenge which very few have witnessed since Confederation. Staggering debt, transportation and infrastructure issues, and the need for a job creation strategy that equips our youth with opportunities to thrive in a rapidly changing economy.

Our job as a party is to be prepared. Prepared internally with a strong leader, focused caucus members, a determined executive, inspired riding associations, and a fund board ready to assist financially. Prepared externally with the strongest team of candidates in a generation, a leader who listens relentlessly, a policy platform focused on rebuilding our province into the engine that once drove our country's economy, and a united team of Ontarians from every region and every background.

As president of our party, I am committed to ensuring that our executive will do everything it can to make sure that we, as a team, are ready for the election on June 14, 2018. From the grass-roots membership to our leader, Patrick Brown, we will have the tools necessary to rebuild our party and face the challenges ahead.

While daunting, let us view our future as a clean slate waiting to be filled in, designed and completed to resemble the great province it once was, but positioned to evolve for the demands of tomorrow. Join with our leader, our members, and our team to begin this process and allow all of us to rediscover our Ontario.

For the Win,

Rick Dykstra

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