Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak was born and raised in Fort Erie, a small town in Ontario.

After graduating from university, he was a Customs Officer at the Peace Bridge. Then he traveled across the country as part of a management team helping a major international retailer grow its operations throughout Canada.

In the early 1990′s, Tim became motivated to enter politics. Like most of Ontario, his town was having a tough time. His friends were leaving Fort Erie and heading to other places to find opportunities that were not available at home.

Tim wanted to stand up for families like his, and restore the jobs and the sense of community that were under such serious pressure where he lived, and across Ontario.

Tim was first elected as the MPP for Niagara South in 1995. He served as a Cabinet Minister for five years and was elected the 23rd Leader of the Ontario PC Party in June 2009.

Tim wants to be Premier to stand up for families – to restore Ontario as the economic engine that drives this great country, to ensure that his daughters, Miller and Maitland, have every opportunity to succeed like he’s had and more, and to deliver the change and relief Ontario desperately needs.